Not for to be here without thee?

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Not for to be here without thee? Empty Not for to be here without thee?

Post by Setsuko Kaguya on 2015-11-23, 10:51

Here to be to stay without?
Presently, it was thus that this was there fore here, so then could always not to be yours, and yet? Yes, yet indeed it was for there without, and not for there's to be herein, and yet to be and on and with, for yours to be yet mine and still? Presently, so therefore be?

I would know you, should you be a friend of a different nomination of colorchild, and yet for there and therewas for there and more, could not have you been the last of things that weren't unsaid before me? I would say so, and yes, for there they were always more forever there unto the next century, therefore to be?
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