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potluck for puddin' pie Empty potluck for puddin' pie

Post by Gambit on 2015-11-22, 16:49

I ain't never had a friend who didn't know I could be here all alone, cuz they sent me here and I could'nt have the rest of all ya'lls statements made up for my friends, out in the netherlands, and the realms they called nether but I didn't see it there so don't digg it till you quit out and resave that TM45 for a better occasion than that diglett lookin' motherfucker because he ain't got nothin' to do with me, and he already got that diggin' shit down, you konow, underground? how the hell else is diglet supposed to get around you don't pull him outa the underground?
He got a pokeball full a dirt or some netheregion? I dunno, maybe. Pretty interestin' stuff though, eh loony bin?

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