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Chyado Sensei? Empty Chyado Sensei?

Post by Setsuko Kaguya on 2015-11-23, 10:47

Not your teacher, sensei-san, he was called, but mine, and although he is no longer my sensei in that regard, there should not be a one time in which I would cease to call him Sensei-san, for he was not and always would be a friend of mine, and to call him other things than what he was would be folly, for his name was not Chyado-sensei to the likes of us, save that some of us came to know a false sensei, who was called Ryouko, and who was a racist and a bigot, who beieved that one could not simply choose to be Japanese whenever he saw fit, for only were those who were born there and then who chose to be what they are could have ever been Japanese in the first place, and so to be frank and old within it, I would note that to her, a fool who's English to American students was plainly poorer than my own, I could often chasten her for her comeuppance in dialogue, and let her know through plainspeak that I too could speak in a way in a language for which she did not understand.

Planly, though, I would like more to talk of this other one of whom I speak, this Kurisuchyansan Chado-san, whom the students I knew all called Sensei-san, for that is what his name was to us, for he taught us no more of grammar and adj than we ever needed to hear, and much did we come to know of the students he once new in Japan itself, and what it meant to become Japanese by choice, which is all we could ever have hoped to do and become, forever more, and then unto time again, governer which is there and here for now.

Did there be anyone here who knew what became of this, our friend Sensei-san, for here is a website of old which he once had on the website of our place of learning, but he is not there, so much longer as I would know him, so I here come to the webernets, where I do such a crazy thing as to speak Japanese in plainspeak English, and ask if there are others who know Sensei-san yet still, unto this next century and foreon thereof?
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