A/S/L don't gotta mean but what you say it is, ya diggit gov'ner james 'n kin?

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A/S/L don't gotta mean but what you say it is, ya diggit gov'ner james 'n kin?

Post by Gambit on 2015-11-22, 18:27

Ain't you got a time machine back on that webernets you always be playin' as, here on the fool's threshhold out there before you got the rest of all our sory stories, diggit? I got your place here again, and I liked the way you was before, but I used to live in a web free zone, and all that means is I got a real time machine back here in my imagination corner, which really is just like a timeout corner in kindy garten, 'cept there's a lot more mushrooms involved, hereinit, but I got this one, anywhoa, and I sayin' that when we used to ask for yo ASL, it was only to get the age/sex/location of the person you was pretendin' to be las' week on a thursday afternoon out playin' gold with my mom's best friend's and alimony payments, hereinit?

I say: What's ur A/S/L, and all ya'll gotta do is make one up, and the whole rest o' the world gots ta figure out how many 42 year olds we got here, and how many folks really thought bein' fourty two ain't worth what you said before, because the last time you said somethin' cool, you only ever had to say you was well over a hunned, so if you was four hunned tirty five, how many digits you gotta subtract 'fore it's an acceptable parameter here on the webernets?

I say A/S/L, which means, Age, Sex, Location, and all I gotta tell you is that I'm a boy, I'm 16 hunned years older than pi, and I live in southeast florida, which I'm pretty sure is spelled Louisianna, these days most of em anyway, ya hearit?

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